Bradley Huson has 25 years of experience in both garden design and interior design. After obtaining a degree in Landscape Architecture, and interning with R. David Adams Associates as a landscape designer in 1985 he went on to manage the floral shops for R. David Adams Ltd. until he went to work for Jean Jongeward Interiors in 1987. Bradley was 21 credits shy of a degree in Architecture when he graduated from the University of Washington in 1985. He also took as many interior design classes as he could during his time at the University of Washington. The transition from Landscape Design was a natural move for him as his philosophy has always been to view each project whether it be a garden, an interior, architecture or preferably a combination of the three, as intertwined pieces of a cohesive unit. Mrs. Jongeward, the undisputed Queen of Interior Design in the Pacific Northwest molded Bradley’s Interior Design sensibilities along her own strict guidelines. Mrs. Jongeward was experimenting with the revival of the Traditional Interior at the time Bradley was working for her. Bradley’s color sense, knowledge of antiques and reverence for stately homes which have been pored through on dozens of trips to Europe, come into play, and still Bradley feels most a home with interiors that are filled with a mixture of decorative objects. Bradley feels comfortable working in a wide range of architectural styles, for a wide range of clients and within a variety of budgetary situations. All projects that are undertaken, no matter the size or budget, receive careful consideration, thought, analysis and appropriate solutions. The common thread on all projects is the attention to the quality and detail without ever appearing to be fussy. Simple elegant solutions and quality rather than quantity are always preferred.